Ing. Alessandro Bon

Alessandro Bon, engineer with specialization in automatic controls, is currently technical coordinator of the Scientific CETA, Center for Theoretical and Applied Ecology, an institution with over 20 years of experience in the field of renewable energy. He has worked on several related thematic concerning environment in general (waste, emissions, environmental impact assessments) and in particular has participated in several feasibility studies and research projects concerning the use of biomass for energy purposes (heat, electricity and CHP) in combustion systems (conventional or organic cycles) to pyrogasification or integrated systems (solar - thermal and photovoltaic - biomass, solar - heat pumps). He has been also project manager of several European and international cooperation projects.


Dr. Gianpaolo Centuori

Gianpaolo Centuori, graduated in Electronic Engineering for Automatic Controls, acquires during its over 20 years of experience a deep knowledge on algorithms for logistic management, on infrastructure and networking and on Project management & leadership. He has worked on several related thematic concerning logistic automation and IT algorithms, tracking for goods and industries on on hub portual informative system. Currently he is CoE of Teorema Engineering, a leading company on Information Technology systems for Public Administrations and Healt Services.


Dr. Bruno Stefanon

University of Udine, Italy
Bruno Stefanon is Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. His research activity was initially devoted to the investigation of protein degradation, energy and nitrogen metabolism in ruminants. Then, he focused on animal production systems were the goal was to identify markers of oxidative stress in farm animals and to evaluate biological responses to environmental stress in dairy cows, in order to define the related effects on milk quality, immune response and general animal welfare. The possibility to control negative effects of stress through farm and ration management or with the use of natural bioactive compounds (nutraceuticals) was also investigated. He has published more than 200 papers and is a member of the Committee of the Italian Scientific Association of Animal Production (ASPA) and coordinator of the ASPA Scientific Commission for Organic Production and Quality of Animal Products (2002-2003).


Dr. Vito Lorusso

CBM, Trieste, Italy
Vito Lorusso's research activity was initially focused on preclinical and clinical ADME studies on contrast agents for x-ray and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). He then became dedicated to MRI from the development of in vitro/in vivo models to the imaging efficacy study on targeted agents (oncology, inflammation, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative disorders) and management of research projects. From 2005 he has been responsible for Coordination of Imaging Research Projects at Bracco Research Centre and manager of the Optical Imaging Core-Facility at CBM. He also acts as Trainer/Tutor for researchers and technicians within Bracco Discovery and Development Depts and as lecturer and contract professor at Universities of Pisa, Trieste and Udine.



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