Working Table on
Biotechnologies for food processing and healthcare


  • Projects / Products presented :
    FINS- Center of Excellence
    Opportunities for International Cooperation

  • Projects / Products presented : Fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables,orgenic apple,orgenic weet,apple chips-dried apple and fresh cut-salad.

  • Obesity

  • Projects / Products presented :
    -Presentation of projects, products and solutions, 23.09.
    Presentation of the project: Development of Food Products for the Consumers with Special Requirements and Needs
    MSc Ivana Sedej
    Dr Aleksandra Mi´┐Żan

  • Projects / Products presented :
    R&D in the Biotech Sector: The state of the art in Vojvodina
    Best practices and running projects in the field
    Marijana Sakaè - Institute for Food Technology
    Anamarija Mandiæ - Institute for Food Technology

  • Projects / Products presented :
    Presentation of projects, products and solutions, 23.09.
    By-products of Fruit Proccessing as a Potential Source of Natural Antioxidants, dr Jasna Èanadanoviæ-Brunet, Full Professor, Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad

  • Projects / Products presented:
    1. Neural prosthesis: Functional electronic stimulators and software support for functional electrical therapy (FET);
    2. AC amplifier for electrophysiological measurements;
    3. Development of electrophysiological data acquisition systems and software support for electrophysiological signals analysis
  • Secondary metabolites as promising pharmacologically active compounds

  • Development of possible project regarding research and development in pharmaceutical industry

    Projects/Products presented: Project of Technology park Vrsac
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