• Implementation Programme Implementation Programme of the Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia in the AP Vojvodina (2007-2012)

Working Table on
Energy efficiency and new energy sources


  • Economical and ecological source of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources

  • Application of refined fly-ash in civil engineering

  • 1. solar energy as renowable source of energy
    2. energy efficiency
    3. rectyre in construction sector

  • Renewable Energy Sources(RES)-Analysis of the RES potentials (solar, thermal, wind, and biomass energy)of the Province of Vojvodina from the aspects of energy demands.

  • Projects/Products presented: Application of GIS technology in Agriculture
  • Renewable energies in rural areas

    Projects/Products presented: Introduction of production and energy utilization of short rotation coppice in Vojvodina
  • Inovative renewable energy technologies in Danube region

    Projects/Products presented: Tesla Living Laboratory
  • Energy efficiency and new energy sources: Usage of renewable energy resources in Vojvodina

    Projects/Products presented: Wind and Solar energy application in Vojvodina (paper/presentation)
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